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How to see the relief ?

You did not succeed to see the relief on the pictures of this site and it is a bit frustrating…
Here is a method to succeed easily:
étape 1
Stage 1 : put a sheet of rigid paperboard on the dotted line and between your eyes, to prevent each of them to look at what is on the other side of the borderline.
Etape 2
Stage 2 : You should obtain a double vision, quite unpleasant but it is totally normal and temporary.
Breathe slowly, deeply! Relax…
Etape 3
Stage 3 : With each eye, try to fix the same zone of the picture on each side (by example, the mouth…).
Etape 4
Stage 4 : As soon as your brain will understand the similarity of each eye vision, he will take control again and you will have only one picture to look, in relief, in 3D!
Etape 5
Stage 5 : Now you can remove the paperboard. Two ghostly pictures will be seen on both sides
of the central picture. They are without value and they can only be seen by one eye at a time
(Go to the Theory page for a better explanation about their role).
Be careful!
You should be placed straight in front of the image.
If you are not, or if your head is bent on the side, you will not see the 3D anymore.
Try to avoid light reflections on the screen too…

NB : The more the picture is small, easier it will be for seeing in 3D, but… the resolution is smaller too,
and the "diving" less enjoyable.

It is only when the picture is big, when you are able to move aside separately your eyes, that you will obtain the full amazing feeling of entering a whole new world.
Because our eyes are not used to move aside from each other, consciousness could be (slightly…) affected :
as if suddenly we were someone else, with eyes farther apart…
Will you obtain "the Alien Eye"? ;-)
If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to go to your doctor, your lawyer or your cardiologist, and I should say that I decline any responsability if you lose one eye, consciousness or faith, during the visit of this site. ;-)

An other method:

If you know how to look through a window, you can see in 3D!

image 1

Your screen is only a glaze, and through it, you have to look.

image 2

The more you try to look far away behind the screen, the more the pictures will be seen double.

image 3

Let your look to be double, so both pictures will join in one, in 3D.

If you do not succeed in seeing two pictures in one, try to reduce the size of the view of this webpage in your browser (Menu View / Back Zoom…), and go on again!

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