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Welcome to my world!

There is not one world.
There are as many worlds as people, each seeing, feeling his own world and thinking about it.

This website is my world, my way of seeing, of thinking too.
I do not like to be forced to share a world I do not believe in,
and, of course, I think that my world is more true than many others.
So, if you are not happy with yours, try mine and enjoy it!
I share it with you… as I would like that we share the earth among mankind.

“Fragments d’infini”

This is the new stuff 2011 on this site…
New pictures, in 3D again, but without any limits.

One-eyed people will have the same thing to see as the two-eyed people… but without 3D.

Il est temps d'apprendre à se servir de son deuxième œil !
An exemple : don't keep both eyes in the same shoe!

And also…

Why do we think what we think?
Why are we what we are?

We are only machines and our freedom is only an illusion.


Why should we equally share our wealth among all people?

Because our merit is pure fiction and we do not deserve more than the others.

And, because all this stuff, have a nice year !


This website

is still in progress.

This website

is still in progress.

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